Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter 2

But there was none.

"Anything I want?"

Simon's cool demeanor was eroding.

"Can you undo what you did to me?"

Simon bellowed. His fury echoing throughout the hollowed hallways.

"Can you resurrect the lives you destroyed? Can you?!"

The old man made an involuntary whimper. He was an accomplished reader of people and in Simon 's rage-contorted features, he saw only murder.

The old man opened his mouth to speak but Simon' s pistol was already in his mouth.

"Fuck you old man, fuck you. Tonight you will answer for all that you have done."

The gun was in deep. The old man could feel the acrid taste of gun metal caressing his tongue. It was not a pleasant feeling.

"Simon, killing me wouldn't bring them back."

Simon's eyes narrowed. He cocked the hammer.

"Simon, I can help you get your life back."

Simon was silent, his finger was already on the trigger.

"Simon, for God's sake! Don't do this. This... this isn't justice."

"Justice? You dare talk to me about justice? Are you stupid? Or do you think I am?"

Simon shoved his pistol hard against the back of the old man's throat.

"Your victims, were people abandoned by justice; scorned by society. The courts did not save them; the system only helped you. Yet you stand here, talking to me about justice! This isn't justice I serve. This is vengeance."

Simon's finger squeezed the trigger. The old man's body hit the floor with a thud. It echoed for a while in the hallway, desperately clinging to a shard of existence before disappearing into nothingness.


  1. How can the old man speak with a gun jammed all the way back to his throat?

  2. You got me hooked here. Now I want to know what the old man had done.

    Yes, I agree with Talair. "How can the old man speak with a gun jammed all the way back to his throat?"


  3. Well, he was mumbling - not speaking. Or maybe it was psychic speech. He's dead now, that's for sure!


This is a work of fiction, not a historical account. So, don't nitpick at the historical inaccuracies.

This is also just a rough draft and hence, unpolished.