Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chapter 7

The two men went on with their conversation, conversing just for conversation's sake. Neither the governor nor Richard liked each other, yet both embellished their mutual disdain.

"Well then, i have to go, you have a great day."

The governor concluded the conversation and went off. His speech was wrought with lies. He did not care what kind of day Richard was going to have.

Richard replied using paraphrased phrases from the governor’s speech, his amount of sincerity rivaling the governor.

Richard finished his cigarette and lit up another one. He watched the governor walk towards and sit down with his group of friends.

Richard waved for one of the attendants to bring him his food. The attendant nodded with a smile. He turned around to get Richard’s food while muttering several “fuck you”s.

Several acquaintances walked past. Some waved and some nodded, but all were mere acquaintances. They sat down at their own table and went about with their own little conversation. It was as if their acknowledgment of Richard’s existence never happened.

Richard just sat there, alone and smoking the imported cigarettes he so loved. He was already more than used to this. They exchange greetings when they meet Richard; they ask about his wife and his children; they ask about how his adoptive mother was doing. The conversation that seemed to encompass everything in Richard’s life, but yet the conversation was about nothing. Outside of this lame small talk, they do not talk. Nobody invites Richard to the regular gatherings down at the pub; nobody bothers to notify Richard of trivial matters such as weddings and birthdays.

Forever an outsider, Richard fit in nowhere. Richard was perpetually alone.

He constantly met people, communicated with people and even established long lasting respect with some. But all were working relationships; they were not friends, all were mere acquaintances.

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This is a work of fiction, not a historical account. So, don't nitpick at the historical inaccuracies.

This is also just a rough draft and hence, unpolished.