Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter 1

His thin lips narrowed into a menacing sneer. His eyes, beady and unblinking, bore hard into the quivering figure before him. His gaze was steady and heralded several moments of unearthly silence.

Before his still frame, stood an old man. The man gulped , making a valiant but futile attempt to hide his fear. He was a good sixty years old and half a head taller. Thin and lanky, his now frail frame betrayed a body that was once well-built and muscular. His face was weather beaten and if not for the scars, almost handsome.

His features alluded to numerous tales and countless trials. Fear was not something that came easy to a man like him. Yet, his wavering eyes dared not even meet the deadly stare that greeted him. His beating heart struck upon his ribcage like a drum.

"Simon, ", the old man said and then paused, "Don't... don't do this."

Simon was silent. His sneer grew wider and his stare, more intense. His eyes were disturbingly penetrating but yet lifeless; his features were sunken and his skin sallow.

"Don't do this. Just... just stop right now. I can give you anything you want."

"You know I can do it."

The old man finished his sentence, but his mouth did not close. With wide eyes and a quivering lower lip, he searched Simon' s face desperately for signs of acknowledgment.


  1. The old man should protect himself from Simon. Simon's look, alone, terrifies me. Excellent descriptions.

    I'm off to chapter 2!



This is a work of fiction, not a historical account. So, don't nitpick at the historical inaccuracies.

This is also just a rough draft and hence, unpolished.